Events & MICE

Event is not a science any more......
It’s a theater

Event brings together a wide range of audience for a concentrated period of work and pleasure. They need expertise to execute in order to create synergy in communication at all levels. Events are designed to provide solutions, motivation and management skills in the B2B environment, with the aim that the team walks away with a host of practical ideas that one can transform into higher sales and profit.

The evolution of the “events” is well on its way. Destinations have turned exotic and itineraries spiked with fun and infotainment adds spice to anevent. Themes, performers and artists are all packed in as part of the package.

Events continue to take on new dimensions, getting close to a theater of sorts with a buildup of countdown mailers, exclusive websites, flash downloads, extensive kits and coded downloads, extensive kits and coded invites. The red carpet treatment continues with cavalcades, limos and power breakfasts.

Innovations is the key particularly for events which tend to fall into a set pattern; music videos by the management, Vox pops, candid AV’s on site edit bays add little extra. Business sessions are interspersed with ice breakers and themes spiced with custom animations.

More than ever anevent is like a “Brand” in itself, wherein one encounters the organization (in all its possibilities and beliefs) and not just a presentation. The body language of a conference speaks of whatever we want it to say. I can reprimand, just as easily it can reward.

Exclusive Proposition

CTP is a uniquely designed innovative concept which provides group engagement solutions with various skills development and guaranteed output. Our goal is to achieve maximum results with client satisfaction, growth and development via our unique engagement ideas.

Our Forte is to develop new themes and ideas of skill development via group engagement.

CTP is a method by amalgamation of the techniques used in the following organized verticals

Organized approach while planning group engagement
Theme based Innovative Engagement Program designed by CTP
Exposure to International Hobby Games
Challenging Obstacles Training
Result Oriented Team Competitions
Self-Realization & Skill Development Programs
Well Trained Group Instructors
Best Safety methods &Equipment
Identification of appropriate locations for the training program based on client preferences
trusted clients