The Phenomenon of Instant Retail @ ADA-Xpo

Exhibitions provide a highly flexible environment in which a wide range of sales and marketing objectives can be achieved, from generating sales leads and launching new products, to building brand image, maintaining customer relations and appointing new agents. With a wealth of brand exposure opportunities, To use exhibitions to their full potential at ADA-Xpowe practice the four Ps of designing an effective exhibition module.


It is important to plan the design or the look and feel of the stall space in order to deliver the perfect brand experience. Along with the basis of colour and creative there are a few other prerequisites that go into a well utilized space:

  • Space and positioning of the stall.
  • Planning the layout to ensure free space to accommodate the expected footfalls.
  • If the product demands a one on one interaction a conference area is a prerequisite.
  • Storage space, number of products to be displayed and similar details act as a guideline to effective space allocation.

The most innovative of designs need the little extra to break clutter and stand apart from the other exhibitors. Interaction with the brand/Product or contests leading to a positive brand experience, innovations at the stall in terms of technology or branding, a visitor give away, HTML mailers to drive traffic to the stall are some methods which ensure the stall is alive through the exhibition.


The presentation of the stall apart from the creative includes the messaging at the stall as well as the staff at the stall. Detailing out the flow of visitors through the area leads to effective communications.


Ultimately productivity is what it comes down to. Follow-up is extremely critical, it is important to define the follow-up, Plan and how the success of the stall be measured.


At ADA-Xpo we deal in end to end solutions for all exhibition requirementsprecisely speaking everything related to Stall Fabrication & Management Solutions. We have our presence in Delhi & Mumbai have executed many projects across PAN India. Some of our regular clients are like Lavazza, Apollo Munich, Reliance, Mahindra, Carnation, SRL Diagnostics and many more.ADAMSPL not only deals in exhibition but also has a strong hold & more than a decade experience in othermarketing verticals, which are Retail, Sale Promotion, Activation, MICE & Visual Merchandising.

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